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Titanic - A Night To Remember
Your Heart Will Go On
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Never Forgotten

Survivors are indicated in bold print with an asterisk beside their name.

Abbing, Anthony -Passenger
Abbott, E. -Pantryman
Abbott, Eugene -Passenger
Abbott, Rosa* -Passenger
Abbott, Rossmore -Passenger
Abelseth, Karen* -Passenger
Abelseth, Olaus* -Passenger
Abelson, Mrs Hanna* -Passenger

Abelson, Mr Samson -Passenger
Abraham, C. -Fireman
Abramson, August* -Passenger
Adahl, Mauritz -Passenger
Adams, J. -Passenger
Adams, R. -Fireman
Adolf, Humblin* -Passenger
Ahier, P. -Saloon steward
Ahlin, Johanna -Passenger
Ahmed, Ali -Passenger
Akerman, J. -Assistant pantryman
Akermann, A. -Steward
Aks, Filly* -Passenger
Aks, Leah* -Passenger
Aldworth, Mr C. -Passenger
Alexander, William -Passenger
Alhomaki, Ilmari -Passenger
Ali, William -Passenger
Allan, F. -Lift attendant
Allan, R. -Bedroom steward
Allaria, Baptiste -Assistant waiter
Allen, E. -Scullion
Allen, E.* -Trimmer
Allen, Miss Elizabeth Walton* -Passenger

Allen, H. -Fireman
Allen, William -Passenger
Allison, Mr H. J. -Passenger
Allison, Mrs H. J. and Maid* -Passengers
Allison, Miss L. -Passenger
Allison, Master T.* and Nurse* -Passengers
Allsop, F. -Saloon steward
Allum, Owen G. -Passenger
Alsopp, Alfred S. -Junior Electrician
Anderson, Albert -Passenger
Anderson, Alfreda -Passenger
Anderson, Anders -Passenger
Anderson, Carla* -Passenger
Anderson, Ebba (child) -Passenger
Anderson, Ellis -Passenger
Anderson, Erna* -Passenger
Anderson, Mr Harry* -Passenger
Anderson, Ida Augusta -Passenger
Anderson, Ingeborg (child) -Passenger
Anderson, J.* -Able bodied seaman
Anderson, Paul Edvin -Passenger
Anderson, Samuel -Passenger
Anderson, Sigrid (child) -Passenger
Anderson, Sigvard (child) -Passenger
Anderson, Thor -Passenger
Anderson, W. -Bedroom steward
Andrew, Mr Edgar -Passenger
Andrew, Mr Frank -Passenger
Andrews, Charles E.* -Assistant steward
Andrews, Miss Cornelia I.* -Passenger
Andrews, Mr Thomas -Passenger
Angheloff, Minko -Passenger

Angle, Mrs* -Passenger
Angle, Mr William -Passenger
Appleton, Mrs E. D.* -Passenger
Archer, Ernest* -Able bodied seaman
Arnold, Joseph -Passenger
Arnold, Josephine -Passenger
Aronsson, Ernest Axel A. -Passenger
Artagaveytia, Mr Ramon -Passenger
Ashby, Mr John -Passenger
Ashcroft, A. -Clerk
Ashe, H. G. H. -Steward
Asim, Adola -Passenger
Aspelagi, G. -Assistant plateman
Aspland, Felix* (child) -Passenger
Asplund, Carl (child) -Passenger
Asplund, Charles -Passenger
Asplund, Gustaf (child) -Passenger
Asplund, Johan* -Passenger
Asplund, Lillian* (child) -Passenger

Asplund, Oscar (child) -Passenger
Asplund, Selma* -Passenger
Assaf, Marian* -Passenger
Assam, Ali -Passenger
Astor, Colonel J. J. and Manservant -Passengers
Astor, Mrs J. J* and Maid* -Passengers
Attala, Malake -Passenger
Aubert, Mrs N.* and Maid* -Passengers
Augustsan, Albert -Passenger
Avery, J.* -Trimmer
Ayling, E. -Assistant vegetable cook



Back, C. -Assistant attendant
Backstrom, Karl -Passenger
Backstrom, Marie* -Passenger
Baclini, Eugene* -Passenger
Baclini, Helene* -Passenger
Baclini, Latila* -Passenger
Baclini, Maria* -Passenger
Badman, Emily* -Passenger

Badt, Mohamed -Passenger
Baggott, A.* -Saloon steward
Bagley, E. -Saloon steward
Bailey, G. -Saloon steward
Bailey, G. W. -Fireman
Bailey, W.* -Master at arms
Baily, Mr Percy -Passenger
Baimbridge, Mr Chas. R. -Passenger
Baines, Rich -Greaser
Balkic, Cerin -Passenger
Ball, Percy* -Plate washer
Ball, W. -Fireman
Balls, Mrs Ada E.* -Passenger
Banfield, Mr Frederick J. -Passenger
Bannon, John -Greaser
Banoura, Ayout* -Passenger
Banous, Elias -Passenger
Barbara, Catherine -Passenger
Barbara, Saude -Passenger
Barker, A. -Assistant baker
Barker, E. -Saloon steward
Barker, Reginald L. -Second Purser
Barker, T. -Assistant butcher
Barkworth, Mr A. H.* -Passenger
Barlow, C. -Fireman
Barlow, G. -Bedroom steward
Barnes, Chas -Fireman
Barnes, J. -Fireman
Barnes, W. -Assistant baker
Barrett, A. -Bell boy
Barrett, F. W. -Fireman
Barrett, Fredrick* -Leading fireman
Barringer, A. -Saloon steward
Barrow, H. -Assistant butcher
Barrows, W. -Saloon steward
Barry, Julia -Passenger
Barton, David -Passenger
Barton, S. -Steward
Basilico, G. -Waiter
Bateman, Mr Robert J. -Passenger
Baumann, Mr J. -Passenger
Baxter, F. -Linen keeper
Baxter, H. R. -Steward
Baxter, Mrs James* -Passenger
Baxter, Mr Quigg -Passenger
Bazzi, L. -Waiter
Beane, Mr Edward* -Passenger
Beane, Mrs Ethel* -Passenger
Beattie, F. -Greaser
Beattie, Mr T. -Passenger
Beauchamp, George* -Fireman
Beauchamp, Mr H. J. -Passenger
Beavan, W. T. -Passenger
Becker, Mrs A. O.* and three children -Passengers
Beckwith, Mr R. L.* -Passenger
Beckwith, Mrs R. L.* -Passenger
Beedman, G. -Bedroom steward
Beere, William -Kitchen Porter
Beesley, Mr Lawrence* -Passenger
Behr, Mr K. H.* -Passenger
Belford, Walter* -Chief night baker
Bell, Joseph -Chief Engineer

Bendell, T. -Fireman
Benhem, T. -Saloon steward
Bennett, G. -Fireman
Bennett, Mrs.* -Stewardess
Benson, John Viktor -Passenger
Bentham, Miss Lilian W.* -Passenger
Benville, E. -Fireman
Berglund, Ivar -Passenger
Berkeland, Hans -Passenger
Bernardi, B. -Assistant waiter
Berriman, Mr William -Passenger
Berthold, Florentini -Assistant scullery man
Bessant, E. -Baggage master
Bessant, W. -Fireman
Best, E. -Saloon steward
Betros, Tannous -Passenger
Beux, D. -Assistant waiter
Bevis, J. -Trimmer
Biddlecombe, C. -Fireman
Bietrix, G. -Sauce cook
Biggs, E. -Fireman
Billiard, A. van -Passenger
Billiard, James (child) -Passenger
Billiard, Walter (child) -Passenger
Billows, J. -Trimmer
Bing, Lee* -Passenger
Binstead, Walter* -Trimmer

Bishop, Mr D. H.* -Passenger
Bishop, Mrs D. H.* -Passenger

Bishop, W. -Bedroom steward
Bjorklund, Ernst -Passenger
Bjornstrom, Mr H. -Passenger
Black, A. -Fireman
Black, D. -Fireman
Blackman, H. -Fireman
Blackwell, Mr Stephen Weart -Passenger
Blake, P.* -Trimmer
Blake, Seaton -Mess steward
Blake, T. -Fireman
Blancy, J. -Fireman
Blank, Mr Henry* -Passenger
Blann, Eustace -Fireman
Bliss, Miss* -Stewardess
Blumet, J. -Plateman
Bochet, G. -Second waiter
Bochetez, J. -Assistant chef
Bogie, L. -Bedroom steward
Bolhens, H. -Larder cook
Bond, W. -Bedroom steward
Bonnell, Miss Caroline* -Passenger
Bonnell, Miss Lily* -Passenger

Boothby, W. -Bedroom steward
Borebank, Mr J. J. -Passenger
Bostandyeff, Guentcho -Passenger
Boston, W. -Assistant deck steward
Botsford, Mr W. Hull -Passenger
Bott, W. -Greaser
Boughton, E. -Saloon steward
Boulos, Akar (child) -Passenger
Boulos, Hanna -Passenger
Boulos, Nourelain* -Passenger
Boulos, Sultani -Passenger
Bourke, Catherine -Passenger
Bourke, John -Passenger
Bowen, David -Passenger
Bowen, Miss* -Passenger
Bowenur, Mr Solomon -Passenger
Bowerman, Miss Elsie* -Passenger
Bowker, Miss Little -Cashier
Boxhall, Joseph Grove* -Fourth Officer

Boyd, J. -Saloon steward
Boyes, H. -Saloon steward
Bracken, Mr Jas. H. -Passenger
Bradley, Bridget* -Passenger
Bradley, F. -Able bodied seaman
Bradley, P. -Fireman
Bradshaw, J. -Plate washer
Brady, Mr John B. -Passenger
Braf, Elin Ester -Passenger
Brailey, Theodore -Pianist
Brandeis, Mr E. -Passenger
Braund, Lewis -Passenger
Braund, Owen -Passenger
Brayton, Mr George* -Passenger
Brewe, Dr Dr Arthur Jackson -Passenger
Brewer, H. -Trimmer
Brewster, G. H. -Bedroom steward
Brice, W.* -Able bodied seaman
Bricoux, Roger -Cellist
Bride, Harold* -Second Marconi operator
Brigge, W. -Fireman
Bright, Arthur John* -Quartermaster
Bristow, Robert C. -Steward
Bristowe, H. -Saloon steward
Brito, Mr Jose de -Passenger
Brobek, Carl R. -Passenger
Brocklebank, William -Passenger
Brookman, J. -Steward
Brooks, J. -Trimmer
Broom, H. -Bath steward
Broome, Athol -Assistant Veranda Cafe
Brown, Miss E.* -Passenger
Brown, Edward* -Saloon steward
Brown, J. -Fireman
Brown, Mrs J. J.* -Passenger
Brown, Mrs J. M.* -Passenger

Brown, Miss Mildred* -Passenger
Brown, Mrs -Passenger
Brown, Mr S. -Passenger
Brown, W. -Saloon steward
Bryhl, Mr Curt -Passenger
Bryhl, Miss Dagmar* -Passenger
Buckley, Daniel* -Passenger
Buckley, H. -Assistant vegetable cook
Buckley, Katherine -Passenger
Bucknell, Mrs W.* and Maid* -Passengers
Buley, Edward J.* -Able bodied seaman
Bull, W. -Scullion
Bully, H. -Boots
Bunmell, F. -Plate washer
Burgess, Charles* -Extra third baker
Burke, Jeremiak -Passenger
Burke, Mary -Passenger
Burke, R. -Lounge attendant
Burke, William* -Saloon steward
Burns, Mary -Passenger
Burr, E. -Saloon steward
Burrage, Burrage. A.* -Plates
Burroughs, A. -Fireman
Burton, E. -Fireman
Buss, Miss Kate* -Passenger
Butler, Mr Reginald -Passenger
Butt, Major Major Archibald W. -Passenger
Butt, Robert -Saloon steward
Butt, W. -Fireman
Butterworth, J. -Saloon steward
Byles, Rev Thomas R. D. -Passenger
Byrne, J. -Bedroom steward
Bystrom, Miss Karolina -Passenger



Cacic, Grego -Passenger
Cacic, Luka -Passenger
Cacic, Manda -Passenger
Cacic, Maria -Passenger
Calderhead, Mr E. P.* -Passenger
Calderwood, H. -Trimmer
Caldwell, Mr Albert F.* -Passenger
Caldwell, Master Alden G.* -Passenger

Caldwell, Mrs Sylvia* -Passenger
Calie, Peter -Passenger
Cameron, Miss Clear* -Passenger
Camner, J. -Fireman
Campbell, D. S. -Clerk
Canavan, Mary -Passenger
Candee, Mrs Churchill* -Passenger
Cann, Erenst -Passenger
Cannavan, Pat -Passenger
Car, Jeannie -Passenger
Caram, Joseph -Passenger
Caram, Maria -Passenger
Carbines, Mr William -Passenger
Cardoza, Mrs J. W. M.* and Maid -Passengers
Cardoza, Mr T. D. M* and Manservant -Passengers
Carlson, Carl R. -Passenger
Carlson, Mr Frank -Passenger
Carlsson, August Sigfrid -Passenger
Carlsson, Julius -Passenger
Carney, William -Lift attendant
Carr, Ellen -Passenger
Carr, R. -Trimmer
Carran, Mr F. M. -Passenger
Carran, Mr J. P. -Passenger
Carter, F. -Trimmer
Carter, Mrs Lillian -Passenger
Carter, Miss Lucile* -Passenger
Carter, Master William T.* and Manservant -Passengers
Carter, Rev Rev Ernest C. -Passenger
Carter, Mr William E.* -Passenger
Carter, Mrs William E.* and Maid -Passengers
Cartwright, J. -Saloon steward
Carver, A. -Passenger
Case, Mr Howard B. -Passenger
Casey, T. -Trimmer
Cassebeer, Mrs H. A.* -Passenger
Casswill, C. -Saloon steward
Castleman, E. -Greaser
Caton, Miss* -Turkish Bath attendant
Caunt, W. -Grill cook
Cave, Herbert -Saloon steward
Cavell, George* -Trimmer
Cavendish, Mrs T. W.* and Maid* -Passengers
Cavendish, Mr T.W. -Passenger
Cbronopoulos, Demetrios -Passenger
Cecil, C. -Steward
Celotti, Francesco -Passenger
Chaffee, Mr Herbert F. -Passenger
Chaffee, Mrs Herbert F.* -Passenger
Chambers, Mr N. C.* -Passenger

Chambers, Mrs N. C.* -Passenger
Chapman, Mr Charles -Passenger

Chapman, Mrs Elizabeth -Passenger
Chapman, J.* -Boots
Chapman, Mr John H. -Passenger

Charboison, A. -Roast cook
Charman, John -Saloon steward
Chartens, David -Passenger
Chehab, Emir Farres -Passenger
Cherrett, W. -Fireman
Cherry, Miss Gladys* -Passenger
Cheverton, W. F. -Saloon steward
Chevre, Mr Paul* -Passenger
Chibnafl, Mrs E. M.
Bowerman* -Passenger
Chip, Chang* -Passenger

Chisholm, Mr Robert -Passenger
Chisnall, G. -Boilermaker
Chitty, G. -Steward
Chitty, G. -Assistant baker
Chorley, J. -Fireman
Christmann, Emil -Passenger
Christmas, H. -Assistant steward
Christy, Mrs Alice* -Passenger
Christy, Miss Juli* -Passenger

Chronopoulos, Apostolos -Passenger
Church, G. -Able bodied seaman
Clark, T. -Bedroom steward
Clark, W.* -Fireman
Clark, Mr Walter M. -Passenger
Clark, Mrs Walter M.* -Passenger
Clarke, Mrs Ada Maria* -Passenger
Clarke, Mr Charles V. -Passenger
Clarke, J. Fred C. -Bass violist
Clench, Fredrick* -Able bodied seaman
Clench, G. -Able bodied seaman
Clifford, Mr George Quincy -Passenger
Coe, H. -Trimmer
Coelho, Domingos Fernardeo -Passenger
Coffey, John -Fireman (deserted in Queenstown)
Cohen, Gurshon* -Passenger
Colbert, Patrick -Passenger
Coleff, Fotio -Passenger
Coleff, Peyo -Passenger
Coleman, A. -Saloon steward
Coleman, J. -Mess steward
Coleridge, Mr R. C. -Passenger
Colgan, J.* -Scullion
Collander, Mr Erik -Passenger
Collett, Mr Stuart* -Passenger
Colley, Mr E. P. -Passenger
Collins, John* -Scullion
Collins, Samuel* -Fireman

Collyer, Mrs Charlotte* -Passenger
Collyer, Mr Harvey* -Passenger
Collyer, Miss Marjorie* -Passenger
Compton, Mrs A. T.* -Passenger
Compton, Mr A. T., Jr. -Passenger
Compton, Miss S. P.* -Passenger
Conlin, Thos. H. -Passenger
Connaghton, Michel -Passenger
Connors, Pat -Passenger
Conolly, Kate -Passenger
Conolly, Kate* -Passenger
Conway, P. -Saloon steward
Cook, George -Saloon steward
Cook, Jacob -Passenger
Coombes, G.* -Fireman
Coombs, C. -Assistant cook
Cooper, H. -Fireman
Cooper, J. -Trimmer
Copperthwaite, B. -Fireman
Cor, Bartol -Passenger
Cor, Ivan -Passenger
Cor, Ludovik -Passenger
Corben, E. T. -Assistant printer
Corbett, Mrs Irene -Passenger
Corcoran, D. -Fireman
Corey, Mrs C. P. -Passenger
Corn, Harry -Passenger
Cornaire, M. -Assistant roast
Cornell, Mrs R. G.* -Passenger
Cotterill, Mr Harry -Passenger
Cotton, A. -Fireman
Couch, J. -Greaser
Couper, R.* -Fireman
Coutin, A. -Entree cook
Coutts, Leslie (child)* -Passenger
Coutts, William (child)* -Passenger
Coutts, Winnie* -Passenger

Cox, Denton -Steward
Coxom, Daniel -Passenger
Coy, F. E. G. -Junior third assistant engineer
Crabb, H. -Trimmer
Crafter, F.* -Saloon steward
Crafton, Mr John B. -Passenger
Crawford, Alfred* -Bedroom steward
Crease, Ernest James -Passenger
Creese, H. -Deck engineer
Cribb, Alice* -Passenger
Cribb, John Hatfield -Passenger
Crimmins, J.* -Fireman
Crisp, H. -Saloon steward
Crispin, W. G. H. -Steward
Crosbie, J. B. -Turkish Bath attendant
Crosby, Mr Edward G. -Passenger
Crosby, Mrs Edward G.* -Passenger
Crosby, Miss Harriet* -Passenger
Cross, W. -Fireman
Crouch, F. -Able bodied seaman
Crovelle, Louis -Assistant waiter
Crowe, George F.* -Saloon steward
Crumplin, C. -Bedroom steward
Cullen, C.* -Bedroom steward
Cummings, Mr John Bradley -Passenger
Cummings, Mrs John
Bradley* -Passenger
Cunningham, Andrew* -
Bedroom steward
Cunningham, B. -Fireman
Curtis, A. -Fireman



Dahl, Charles* -Passenger
Dahl, Mauritz* -Passenger
Dahlberg, Gerda -Passenger
Dakic, Branko -Passenger
Daly, Eugene* -Passenger
Daly, Marcella* -Passenger
Daly, Mr P. D.* -Passenger

Danbom, Ernest -Passenger
Danbom, Gillber (infant) -Passenger
Daniel, Mr Robert W.* -Passenger
Daniels, S.* -Steward
Danoff, Sigrid -Passenger
Danoff, Yoto -Passenger
Dantchoff, Khristo -Passenger
Dashwood, W. -Saloon steward
Davidson, Mr Thornton -Passenger
Davidson, Mrs
Thornton* -Passenger
Davies, Alfred -
Davies, Mr Charles -Passenger
Davies, Evan -Passenger
Davies, Gordon -Bedroom steward
Davies, J. -Extra second baker
Davies, John -Passenger
Davies, Joseph -Passenger
Davies, R. J. -Saloon steward
Davies, T. -Leading fireman
Davis, Mrs Agnes* -Passenger
Davis, Miss Mary* -Passenger
Davis, Master John M.* -Passenger
Davis, Stephen J. -Able bodied seaman
Davison, Mary* -Passenger
Davison, Thomas H. -Passenger
Dawson, J. -Trimmer
Deacon, Mr Percy -Passenger
Dean, Mr Bertram F. -Passenger

Dean, Bertran (child)* -Passenger
Dean, G. -Assistant steward
Dean, Mrs Hetty* -Passenger
Dean, Vera (infant)* -Passenger

Deeble, A. -Saloon steward
Delalic, Regyo -Passenger
Denbou, Mr Herbert -Passenger
Denison, ? -Purser
Denkoff, Mito -Passenger
Dennarsico, ? -Assistant waiter
Dennis, Samuel -Passenger
Dennis, William -Passenger
Derkings, Edward* -Passenger
Derrett, A. -Saloon steward
Deslands, P. -Saloon steward
Desvernini, L. -Assistant pastry
Devanoy, Margaret* -Passenger
Dewan, Frank -Passenger
Diaper, J.* -Fireman
Dibden, Mr William -Passenger
Dibo, Elias -Passenger
Dick, Mr A. A.* -Passenger
Dick, Mrs A. A.* -Passenger
Dickson, W. -Trimmer
Dilley, J.* -Fireman
Dillon, Thomas Patrick* -Trimmer

Dimic, Jovan -Passenger
Dineage, J. -Saloon steward
Dintcheff, Valtcho -Passenger
Dodd, E. C. -Junior third engineer
Dodd, George -Chief second steward
Dodd, R. -Junior fourth assistant engineer
Dodge, Master Washington* -Passenger
Dodge, Dr Washington* -Passenger

Dodge, Mrs Washington* -Passenger

Doel, F.* -Fireman
Dolby, J. -Reception room attendant
Doling, Mrs Ada* -Passenger
Doling, Miss Elsie* -Passenger

Donati, Italio -Assistant waiter
Donoghue, F. -Bedroom steward
Dooley, Patrick -Passenger
Dore, A.* -Trimmer
Dornier, S. -Assistant fish
Doughty, W. -Saloon steward
Douglas, Mrs F. C.* -Passenger
Douglas, Mr W. D. -Passenger
Douglas, Mrs W. D.* and Maid -Passengers
Dowdell, Elizabeth* -Passenger

Downton, Mr William J. -Passenger
Doyle, Elin -Passenger
Doyle, F. -Fireman
Drachstedt, Baron von* -Passenger
Drapkin, Jenie* -Passenger
Drazenovie, Josip -Passenger
Drew, Mr James V. -Passenger
Drew, Mrs Lulu* -Passenger
Drew, Master Marshall* -Passenger
Driscoll, Bridget* -Passenger
Duffy, William -Writer
Dugemin, Joseph* -Passenger
Dulles, Mr William C. -Passenger
Dunford, W. -Hospital steward
Duran, Miss Asimcion* -Passenger
Duran, Miss Florentina* -Passenger
Dyer, Henry Ryland -Senior fourth assistant engineer
Dyer, W. -Saloon steward
Dyker, Adoff -Passenger
Dyker, Elizabeth* -Passenger
Dymond, Frank* -Fireman



Eagle, A. J. -Trimmer
Earnshew, Mrs Boulton* -Passenger
Eastman, C. -Greaser
Ecimovic, Joso -Passenger
Edbrooke, F. -Steward
Ede, G. B. -Steward
Edge, F. -Deck steward
Edwards, C. -Assistant pantryman
Edwardsson, Gustaf -Passenger
Egg, W. H. -Steward
Eitemiller, Mr G. F. -Passenger

Eklunz, Hans -Passenger
Ekstrom, Johan -Passenger
Elias, Joseph -Passenger
Elias, Joseph* -Passenger
Elliott, Everett Edward -Trimmer
Ellis, J.* -Assistant vegetable cook
Elsbury, James -Passenger
Emanuel, Ethet* (child) -Passenger
Emmeth, Thomas -Passenger
Enander, Mr Ingvar -Passenger
Endres, Miss Caroline* -Passenger
Ennis, W. -Turkish Bath attendant

Ervine, George -Assistant electrician
Etches, Henry Samuel* -Bedroom steward
Eustis, Miss E. M.* -Passenger

Evans, Alfred Frank* -Lookout
Evans, Miss E. -Passenger
Evans, Frank O. -Able bodied seaman
Evans, George -Steward
Evans, W. -Trimmer
Everett, Thomas J. -Passenger



Fabini, Leeni* -Passenger
Fahlstrom, Mr Arne J. -Passenger
Fairall, H. -Saloon steward
Fanette, M. -Assistant waiter
Farquharson, W. -Senior second engineer
Farrell, James -Passenger
Farrendon, E. -Confectioner
Fat-ma, Mustmani* -Passenger
Faulkner, William* -Bedroom steward

Faunthorpe, Mr Harry -Passenger
Faunthorpe, Mrs Lizzie* -Passenger
Fay, F. -Greaser
Fei, Carlo -Sculleryman
Fellows, A. -Assistant boots
Feltham, G. -Vienna
Fenton, F. -Saloon steward
Ferrary, Auto -Trimmer
Ferris, W. -Leading fireman
Fillbrook, Mr Charles -Passenger
Finch, H. -Steward
Finote, Luigi* -Passenger
Fischer, Eberhard -Passenger
Fitzpatrick, C. W.* -Mess steward
Fitzpatrick, H. -Junior boilermaker
Flarty, E.* -Fireman
Fleet, Fredrick* -Lookout

Flegenheim, Mrs A.* -Passenger
Fletcher, P. W. -Bugler
Flynn, Mr J. I.* -Passenger
Flynn, James -Passenger
Flynn, John -Passenger
Foley, Jack* -Storekeeper
Foley, Joseph -Passenger
Foley, W. C.* -Steward
Foley, William -Passenger
Foo, Choong* -Passenger
Ford, Arthur -Passenger
Ford, Mrs D. M. -Passenger
Ford, E. -Steward
Ford, Mr E. W. -Passenger
Ford, F. -Bedroom steward
Ford, H. -Trimmer
Ford, M. W. T. N. -Passenger
Ford, Maggie (child) -Passenger
Ford, Margaret -Passenger
Ford, Thomas -Leading fireman
Foreman, Mr B. L. -Passenger
Fortune, Miss Alice* -Passenger
Fortune, Mr Charles -Passenger
Fortune, Miss Ethel* -Passenger
Fortune, Miss Mabel* -Passenger

Fortune, Mr Mark -Passenger

Fortune, Mrs Mark -Passenger
Forward, J.* -Able bodied seaman
Foster, A. -Storekeeper
Fox, Patrick -Passenger
Fox, Mr Stanley H. -Passenger
Fox, W. T. -Steward
Frankin, A. -Saloon steward
Franklin, Charles -Passenger
Franklin, Mr T. P. -Passenger
Fraser, J. -Junior third assistant engineer
Fraser, J. -Fireman
Frauenthal, Dr Henry W.* -Passenger
Frauenthal, Mrs Henry W.* -Passenger

Frauenthal, Mr T. G.* -Passenger
Fredricks, W.* -Trimmer
Freeman, Ernest E. S. -Deck steward, Ismay's Secretary
French, William* -Crew
Frolicher, Miss Marguerite* -Passenger

Fropper, R.* -Saloon steward
Fryer, A.* -Trimmer
Funk, Miss Annie -Passenger
Futrelle, Mr J. -Passenger
Futrelle, Mrs J.* -Passenger
Fynney, Mr Jos. -Passenger



Gale, Mr Harry -Passenger
Gale, Mr Shadrach -Passenger
Gallagher, Martin -Passenger
Gardner, F. -Greaser
Garside, Miss Ethel* -Passenger
Garthfirth, John -Passenger
Gaskell, Mr Alfred -Passenger
Gatti, L. -Manager
Gavey, Mr Lawrence -Passenger
Geddes, R. -Bedroom steward
Gee, Mr Arthur -Passenger
Geer, A. -Fireman
Gerios, Assaf -Passenger
Gerios, Youssef -Passenger
Gerios, Youssef -Passenger
Gheorgheff, Stanio -Passenger
Gibbons, J. W.* -Saloon steward
Gibson, Miss D.* -Passenger
Gibson, Mrs L.* -Passenger
Giglio, Mr Victor -Passenger
Gilardino, V. -Waiter
Gilbert, Mr William -Passenger
Giles, Mr Edgar -Passenger
Giles, Mr Fred -Passenger
Giles, J. -Second baker
Giles, Mr Ralph -Passenger
Gilinski, Leslie -Passenger
Gill, Mr John -Passenger
Gill, P. -Ship's cook
Gill, S. -Bedroom steward

Gillespie, Mr William -Passenger
Gilnegh, Katie* -Passenger
Givard, Mr Hans K. -Passenger
Glynn, Mary* -Passenger
Godley, G.* -Fireman
Godwin, Frederick* -Passenger

Gold, Mrs Kate* -Stewardess
Goldenberg, Mr S. L.* -Passenger

Goldenberg, Mrs S. L.* -Passenger
Golder, M. W. -Fireman
Goldschmidt, Mrs George B. -Passenger
Goldsmith, Emily A.* -Passenger
Goldsmith, Frank J. -Passenger
Goldsmith, Frank J. W.* -Passenger
Goldsmith, Nathan -Passenger
Gollop, C. -Assistant cook
Goncalves, Manoel E. -Passenger
Goodwin, Augusta -Passenger
Goodwin, Charles E. -Passenger
Goodwin, Harold (child) -Passenger
Goodwin, Jessie (child) -Passenger
Goodwin, Lillian A. -Passenger
Goodwin, Sidney (child) -Passenger
Goodwin, William F. (child) -Passenger
Gordon, J. -Trimmer
Gordon, Lady Duff* and Maid* -Passengers
Gordon, Sir Cosmo Duff* -Passenger
Goree, F. -Greaser
Goshawk, A. -Saloon steward
Gosling, B. -Trimmer

Gosling, S. -Trimmer
Gracie, Colonel
Archibald* -Passenger
Graham, Miss Margaret* -Passenger
Graham, Mr -Passenger
Graham, T.* -Fireman
Graham, Mrs William G.* -Passenger

Graves, S. -Fireman
Green, G. -Trimmer
Green, George -Passenger
Greenberg, Mr Samuel -Passenger
Greenfield, Mrs L. D.* -Passenger
Greenfield, Mrs W. B.* -Passenger

Gregory, D. -Greaser
Gregson, Miss* -Stewardess
Grodidge, E. -Fireman
Gronnestad, Daniel D. -Passenger
Gros, Claude G. -Assistant coffee man,
Guest, Robert -Passenger
Guggenheim, Mr Benjamin -Passenger
Gullio, Casali -Waiter
Gunn, J. -Assistant steward
Gunnery, G. -Mess steward
Gustafson, Alfred -Passenger
Gustafson, Anders -Passenger
Gustafson, Johan -Passenger
Gustafsson, Gideon -Passenger
Guy, J.* -Assistant boots
Gwinn, William -Postal clerk



Haas, Aloisia -Passenger
Hadman, Oscar* -Passenger
Hagan, J.* -Fireman
Hagan, John* -Able bodied seaman
Hagardon, Kate -Passenger
Hagarty, Nora -Passenger
Hagland, Ingvald O. -Passenger
Hagland, Konrad R. -Passenger
Haines, Albert* -Boatswain's mate
Hakkurainen, Elin* -Passenger
Hakkurainen, Pekko -Passenger
Hale, Mr Reginald -Passenger
Halford, R.* -Steward
Hall, F. -Scullion
Hall, J. -Fireman
Hallett, G. -Fireman
Halloway, S. -Assistant clothes presser
Hamalainer, Mrs Anna* and Infant* -Passengers
Hamblyn, Ernest William -Bedroom steward
Hamilton, E. -Assistant S. R. steward
Hampe, Leon -Passenger
Hands, B. -Fireman
Hankonen, Eluna* -Passenger
Hanna, Mansour -Passenger
Hannam, G. -Fireman
Hansen, Claus -Passenger
Hansen, Henry Damgavd -Passenger
Hansen, Janny* -Passenger
Hanson, Peter C. -Passenger
Harbeck, Mr Wm. H. -Passenger
Harder, Mr George A.* -Passenger
Harder, Mrs George A.* -Passenger
Harder, William* -Window cleaner

Harding, A. -Assistant bedroom steward
Hardwick, R.* -Kitchen porter
Hardy, John* -Chief second class steward
Harknett, Alice -Passenger
Harmer, Abraham -Passenger
Harper, Mrs Henry Sleeper* -Passenger
Harper, Mr Henry Sleeper* and Manservant* -Passengers
Harper, Mr John -Passenger
Harper, Miss Nina* -Passenger
Harris, C. H. -Bell Boy
Harris, C. W. -Saloon steward
Harris, E. -Fireman
Harris, E. -Assistant pantryman
Harris, F. -Trimmer
Harris, F.* -Fireman
Harris, Mr George* -Passenger
Harris, Mr Henry B. -Passenger
Harris, Mrs Henry B.* -Passenger
Harris, Mr Walter -Passenger
Harrison, A.* -Saloon steward
Harrison, N. -Junior second engineer
Harrison, Mr W. H. -Passenger
Hart, Mr Benjamin -Passenger
Hart, Mrs Esther* -Passenger
Hart, Miss Eva* -Passenger
Hart, Henry -Passenger

Hart, John Edward* -Third class steward
Hart, Thomas -Fireman
Hartley, Wallace Henry -Bandmaster
Hartnell, Frederick* -Saloon steward
Harvey, Herbert G. -Junior second assistant engineer
Hasgood, R. -Fireman
Haslin, J. -Trimmer
Hatch, H. -Scullion
Haven, Mr H.* -Passenger
Hawkesworth, John -Saloon steward
Hawksford, Mr W. J.* -Passenger
Hawksworth, W. -Assistant deck steward
Hays, Mr Charles M.* -Passenger
Hays, Mrs Charles M.* and Maid* -Passengers
Hays, Miss Margaret* -Passenger
Hayter, A. -Bedroom steward
Head, A. -Fireman
Head, Mr Christopher* -Passenger
Healy, Nora* -Passenger

Hebb, A.* -Trimmer
Hee, Ling* -Passenger

Heininen, Wendla -Passenger
Helnen, J. -Saloon steward
Hemming, Norah -Passenger
Hemmings, Samuel Ernest* -Lamptrimmer
Hendekevoic, Ignaz -Passenger
Hendrickson, Charles* -Leading fireman
Hendy, E. -Saloon steward
Henery, Delia -Passenger
Henriksson, Jenny -Passenger
Henry, W. -Assistant boots
Hensford, J. -Assistant butcher
Herman, Miss Alice* -Passenger
Herman, Mrs Jane* -Passenger
Herman, Miss Kate* -Passenger

Herman, Mr Samuel -Passenger
Hervonen, Helga* -Passenger
Hervonen, Hildwe* (child) -Passenger
Hesketh, James H. -Second engineer
Hewett, T. -Bedroom steward
Hewlett, Mrs Mary D.* -Passenger
Hickkinen, Laina* -Passenger

Hickman, Mr Leonard -Passenger
Hickman, Mr Lewis -Passenger
Hickman, Mr Stanley -Passenger
Hill, H. -Steward
Hill, J. -Trimmer
Hill, J. -Bedroom steward
Hilliard, Mr Herbert Henry -Passenger
Hillstrom, Hilda* -Passenger
Hiltunen, Miss Martha -Passenger
Hinckley, G. -Baths
Hines, G. -Third baker
Hinton, W. -Trimmer
Hipkins, Mr W. E. -Passenger
Hippach, Mrs Ida S.* -Passenger
Hippach, Miss Jean* -Passenger
Hiscock, S. -Plate washer

Hitchens, Robert* -Quartermaster
Hoare, Leo -Saloon steward
Hocking, Mrs Elizabeth* -Passenger
Hocking, Mr George -Passenger
Hocking, Miss Nellie* -Passenger
Hocking, Mr Samuel J. -Passenger
Hodge, C. -Senior third assistant engineer
Hodges, Mr Henry P. -Passenger
Hodges, W. -Fireman
Hodgkinson, L. -Senior fourth engineer
Hoffman, Loto* (child) -Passenger
Hoffman, Louis* (child) -Passenger
Hoffman, Mr -Passenger
Hogeboom, Mrs John C.* -Passenger
Hogg, C. -Bedroom steward
Hogg, George Alfred* -Lookout
Hogue, E. -Plate washer
Hold, Mrs Annie* -Passenger
Hold, Mr Stephen -Passenger
Holland, T. -Assistant reception room attendant
Holm, John F. A. -Passenger
Holman, H. -Able bodied seaman
Holten, Johan -Passenger
Holverson, Mr A. O. -Passenger
Holverson, Mrs A. O.* -Passenger
Hood, Mr Ambrose -Passenger
Hopkins, F. -Plate washer
Hopkins, Robert* -Able bodied seaman
Horgan, John -Passenger
Horswill, Albert Edward James* -Able bodied seaman
Hosgood, R. -Fireman
Hosking, G. F. -Senior third engineer
Hosono, Mr Masabumi* -Passenger
House, W. -Saloon steward
Howard, Mr Benjamin -Passenger
Howard, Mrs Ellen T. -Passenger
Howard, May* -Passenger
Howell, A. -Saloon steward
Hoyt, Mr Frederick M.* -Passenger
Hoyt, Mrs Frederick M.* -Passenger
Hoyt, Mr W. F. -Passenger
Hughes, H. -Assistant second steward
Humblin, Adolf -Passenger
Humby, F. -Plates
Hume, John Law -First violinist
Humphreys, H. -Assistant steward
Humphreys, James* -Quartermaster
Hunt, Albert* -Trimmer
Hunt, Mr George -Passenger
Hunt, T. -Fireman
Hurst, C. J. -Fireman
Hurst, Walter* -Greaser
Hutchinson, J. -Vegetable cook
Hutchinson, John H. -Joiner
Hylands, Leo J.* -Steward
Hyman, Abraham* -Passenger



Ide, H. -Bedroom steward
Ilett, Miss Bertha* -Passenger
Ilieff, Ylio -Passenger
Ilmakangas, Ida -Passenger
Ilmakangas, Pista -Passenger
Ingram, C. -Trimmer
Ingrouville, H. -Steward
Ings, W. -Scullion
Instance, T. -Fireman
Isham, Mrs A. E. -Passenger
Ismay, Mr J. Bruce* and Manservant -Passengers
Ivanoff, Konio -Passenger
Jackson, H. -Assistant boots
Jacobsohn, Mrs Amy P.* -Passenger
Jacobsohn, Mr Sidney S. -Passenger
Jacobson, John -Fireman
Jago, J. -Greaser
Jaillet, H. -Pastry cook
Jakob, Mr Birnbaum -Passenger
James, Thos -Fireman
Janaway, W. -Bedroom steward
Janin, C. -Soup cook
Jansen, Carl* -Passenger
Jardin, Jose Netto -Passenger
Jarvis, Mr John D. -Passenger
Jarvis, W. -Fireman
Jean Nassr, Saade -Passenger
Jeffery, W. -Controller

Jefferys, Mr Clifford -Passenger
Jefferys, Mr Ernest -Passenger
Jenkin, Mr Stephen -Passenger
Jenner, H. -Saloon steward
Jensen, Carl* -Passenger
Jensen, Hans Peter -Passenger
Jensen, Nilho R. -Passenger
Jensen, Svenst L. -Passenger
Jenson, C. V. -Saloon steward
Jenymin, Annie* -Passenger
Jervan, Mrs A. T.* -Passenger
Jessop, Miss Violet* -Stewardess
Jewell, Archie* -Lookout
Joas, N. -Fireman
Johann, Markim -Passenger
Johannessen, Bernt* -Passenger
Johannessen, Elias* -Passenger
Johansen, Nils -Passenger
Johanson, Oscal L.* -Passenger
Johanson, Oscar* -Passenger
Johansson, Erik -Passenger
Johansson, Gustaf -Passenger
Johnson, Mr A. -Passenger
Johnson, Alice* -Passenger
Johnson, Eleanora* (infant) -Passenger
Johnson, H. -Assistant ship's cook
Johnson, Harold* -Passenger
Johnson, Jakob A. -Passenger

Johnson, James* -Saloon steward
Johnson, Mr W. -Passenger
Johnsson, Carl -Passenger
Johnsson, Malkolm -Passenger
Johnston, A. G. -Passenger
Johnston, Mrs C. H. (child) -Passenger
Johnston, Mrs -Passenger
Johnston, William (child) -Passenger
Jones, A. -Saloon steward
Jones, A. -Plates
Jones, Mr C. C -Passenger
Jones, H. -Roast cook
Jones, Reginald V. -Saloon steward
Jones, Thomas* -Able bodied seaman
Jonkoff, Lazor -Passenger
Jonsson, Nielo H. -Passenger
Joseph, Mary* -Passenger
Jouanmault, G. -Assistant sauce
Joughin, Charles* -Chief baker
Judd, C.* -Fireman
Jukes, J. -Greaser
Julian, Mr H. F. -Passenger
Jupe, Herbert -Assistant electrican
Jusila, Erik* -Passenger
Jusila, Katrina -Passenger
Jusila, Mari -Passenger
Jutel, Henrik Hansen -Passenger



Kalil, Betros -Passenger
Kallio, Nikolai -Passenger
Kalvig, Johannes H. -Passenger
Kantor, Mrs Miriam* -Passenger
Kantor, Mr Sehua -Passenger
Karajic, Milan -Passenger
Karlson, Einar* -Passenger
Karlson, Nils August -Passenger
Karnes, Mrs J. F. -Passenger
Karun, Anna* (child) -Passenger
Karun, Franz* -Passenger
Kasper, F.* -Fireman
Kassan, M. Housseing -Passenger
Kassein, Hassef* -Passenger
Kassem, Fared -Passenger
Keane, Mr Daniel -Passenger
Keane, Miss Nora A.* -Passenger
Kearl, C. -Greaser
Kearl, G. -Trimmer
Keefe, Arthur -Passenger
Keegan, Jas -Leading fireman
Keene, P.* -Saloon steward
Kekic, Tido -Passenger
Kelland, T. -Library
Kelly, Annie K.* -Passenger
Kelly, Mrs F.* -Passenger

Kelly, James -Passenger
Kelly, James -Passenger
Kelly, Jas -Greaser
Kelly, Mary* -Passenger
Kelly, William -Assistant electrician
Kemish, George* -Fireman
Kemp, Thos -Executive fourth assistant engineer
Kenchenten, Fredrick -Greaser
Kennedy, John* -Passenger
Kennell, C. -Heb cook
Kent, Mr Edward A. -Passenger
Kenyon, Mr F. R. -Passenger
Kenyon, Mrs F. R.* -Passenger
Kenzler, A. -Storekeeper
Kerane, Andy -Passenger
Kerley, W. T. -Assistant steward
Kerr, T. -Fireman
Ketchley, H. -Saloon steward
Khalil, Zahie* -Passenger
Kieran, M. -Assistant storekeeper
Kiernan, James W. -Chief third class steward
Kiernan, John -Passenger
Kiernan, Phillip -Passenger
Kilgannon, Thomas -Passenger
Kimball, Mr E. N.* -Passenger
Kimball, Mrs E. N.* -Passenger

King, A. -Lift attendant
King, Ernest -Purser clerk
King, G. -Scullion
King, T. W. -Master-at-arms
Kingscote, W. F. -Saloon steward
Kink, Anton* -Passenger
Kink, Louise* -Passenger
Kink, Louise* (child) -Passenger
Kink, Maria -Passenger
Kink, Vincenz -Passenger
Kinsella, L. -Fireman
Kirkham, J. -Greaser
Kirkland, Rev. Charles L -Passenger
Kitching, A. -Saloon steward
Klaber, Mr Herman -Passenger
Klasen, Gertrud (child) -Passenger
Klasen, Hilda -Passenger
Klasen, Klas A.Mona, Mae A. -Passenger
Klein, H. -Barber
Knight, George* -Saloon steward
Knight, L. -Steward
Knowles, T.* -Firemen's messman
Kraeff, Thodor -Passenger
Krins, George -Violist
Kvillner, Mr John Henrik -Passenger



Lacey, Bert W. -Assistant steward
Lahtinen, Mrs Anna* -Passenger
Lahtinen, Mr William -Passenger
Lahy, T. -Fireman
Laitinen, Sofia -Passenger
Lake, W. -Saloon steward
Laleff, Kristo -Passenger
Lam, Ali* -Passenger
Lam, Len -Passenger
Lamb, Mr J. J. -Passenger
Lambert-Williams, Mr Fletcher Fellows -Passenger
Lamore, Mrs Ameliar* -Passenger
Landegren, Aurora* -Passenger
Lane, A. E. -Saloon steward
Lane, Patrick -Passenger
Lang, Fang* -Passenger
Langley, Miss Gretchen F.* -Passenger
Laroche, Mr Joseph -Passenger
Laroche, Mrs Juliet* -Passenger
Laroche, Miss Louise* -Passenger
Laroche, Miss Simonne* -Passenger

Larson, Viktor -Passenger
Larsson, Bengt Edvin -Passenger
Larsson, Edvard -Passenger
Latimer, Andrew J. -Chief steward
Lavington, Miss* -Stewardess
Lawrence, A. -Saloon steward
Leader, A. -Assistant confectioner
Leader, Mrs F. A.* -Passenger
Leather, Mrs Elizabeth* -Stewardess
Lee, H. -Trimmer
Lee, Reginald Robinson* -Lookout
Lefebre, Frances -Passenger

Lefebre, Henry (child) -Passenger
Lefebre, Ida (child) -Passenger
Lefebre, Jeanne (child) -Passenger
Lefebre, Mathilde (child) -Passenger
Lefever, G. -Saloon steward
Lehman, Miss Bertha* -Passenger
Leinonen, Antti -Passenger
Leitch, Miss Jessie -Passenger
Lemberopoulos, Peter -Passenger
Lemon, Denis -Passenger
Lemon, Mary -Passenger
Leonard, Mr L -Passenger
Leonard, M. -Steward
Lester, J. -Passenger
Levett, G. -Assistant pantryman
Levy, Mr R. J. -Passenger
Lewis, Arthur* -Steward
Lewy, Mr E. G. -Passenger
Leyson, Mr Robert W. N. -Passenger
Light, C. -Fireman
Light, C. -Plate washer
Light, W. -Fireman
Lightoller, Charles Herbert* -Second officer
Lindablom, August -Passenger
Lindahl, Agda -Passenger
Lindell, Edvard B. -Passenger
Lindell, Elin -Passenger
Lindqvist, Einar* -Passenger
Lindsay, W.* -Fireman
Lindstroem, Mrs J.* -Passenger
Linehan, Michel -Passenger
Lines, Mrs Ernest H.* -Passenger
Lines, Miss Mary C.* -Passenger

Ling, Lee -Passenger
Lingan, Mr John -Passenger
Lingrey, Mr Edward -Passenger
Lithman, Simon -Passenger
Littlejohn, A.* -Saloon steward
Lloyd, H. -Saloon steward
Lloyd, W. -Fireman
Lobb, Cordelia -Passenger
Lobb, William A. -Passenger
Lock, A. -Assistant cook
Lockyer, Edward -Passenger
Long, F. -Trimmer
Long, W. -Trimmer
Long, Mr n C. -Passenger
Longmiur, J. -Assistant bedroom steward
Loring, Mr J. H. -Passenger
Louch, Mrs Alice Adela* -Passenger
Louch, Mr Charles -Passenger
Lovell, J. -Grill cook
Lovell, John -Passenger
Lowe, Harold Godfrey* -Fifth officer
Lucas, W.* -Saloon steward
Lucas, William* -Able bodied seaman
Lulic, Nicola* -Passenger
Lundahl, John -Passenger
Lundin, Olga* -Passenger
Lundstripm, Jan* -Passenger
Lydiatt, C. -Saloon steward
Lyons, William H. -Able bodied seaman



Mabey, J. -Steward
MacKay, Charles D.* -Saloon steward
MacKay, George W. -Passenger
MacKie, G. -Bedroom steward
Mack, Mrs Mary -Passenger
Mackie, W. D. -Junior fifth assistant engineer
Madigan, Maggie* -Passenger
Madill, Miss Georgette Alexandra* -Passenger
Madsen, Fridjof* -Passenger
Maenpaa, Matti -Passenger
Magee, W. -Senior sixth assistant engineer
Maguire, Mr J. E. -Passenger
Mahon, Delia -Passenger
Maisner, Simon -Passenger
Major, E. -Bath steward
Major, W.* -Fireman
Makinen, Kalle -Passenger
Malachard, Mr Noel -Passenger
Malinoff, Nicola -Passenger
Mallet, Mr A. -Passenger
Mallet, Master A.* -Passenger
Mallet, Mrs -Passenger
Mampe, Leon* -Passenger
Mangan, Mary -Passenger
Mangiavacchi, Mr Emilio -Passenger
Mannion, Margareth* -Passenger
Mantle, R. -Steward
Mantvila, Mr Joseph -Passenger
March, John Starr -Postal clerk
Marechal, Mr Pierre* -Passenger
Marinko, Dmitri -Passenger
Markoff, Marin -Passenger
Marks, J. -Assistant pantryman
Marrett, G. -Fireman
Marriott, J. W. -Assistant pantryman
Marsden, Miss* -Stewardess
Marsh, F. -Fireman
Marshall, Mrs Kate* -Passenger
Marshall, Mr -Passenger
Martin, A.* -Scullion
Martin, Miss* -Second cashier
Martin, Mrs.* -Stewardess
Marvin, Mr D. W. -Passenger
Marvin, Mrs D. W.* -Passenger
Maskell, L. -Trimmer
Mason, F.* -Fireman
Mason, J. -Leading fireman
Matherson, D. -Able bodied seaman
Mathias, M. -Mess-room steward
Matthews, Mr W. J. -Passenger
Mattman, A. -Ice man
Mauge, Paul* -Chef's assistant
Maxwell, John -Carpenter
May, A. W. -Fireman's messman
May, Arthur -Fireman
Maybery, Mr Frank H. -Passenger
Maynard, John* -Entree cook
Mayo, W. -Leading fireman
Maytum, Alfred -Chief butcher
Mayzes, T.* -Fireman
McAndrew, Thos -Fireman
McAndrews, W. -Fireman
McCaffry, Mr T. -Passenger
McCarthy, Katie* -Passenger
McCarthy, Mr Timothy J. -Passenger

McCarthy, W.* -Able bodied seaman
McCarty, F. -Bedroom steward
McCastlen, W. -Fireman
McCawley, T. W. -Gymnasium
McCormack, Thomas* -Passenger
McCoy, Agnes* -Passenger
McCoy, Alice* -Passenger
McCoy, Bernard* -Passenger
McCrae, Mr Arthur G. -Passenger
McCrie, Mr James -Passenger
McDermott, Delia* -Passenger
McElroy, Herbert -Walter Purser
McElroy, Michel -Passenger
McEnzie, Edwina* -Passenger
McGann, James* -Trimmer
McGarvey, E. -Fireman
McGaw, E. -Fireman
McGough, Mr J. R.* -Passenger
McGough, James (Paddy)* -Able bodied seaman
McGovern, Mary* -Passenger
McGowan, Annie* -Passenger
McGowan, Katherine -Passenger
McGrady, James -Saloon steward
McGregor, J. -Fireman
McInerney, T. -Greaser
McIntyre, William* -Trimmer
McKane, Mr Peter D. -Passenger
McLaren, Mrs.* -Stewardess
McMahon, Martin -Passenger
McMicken, A.* -Saloon steward
McMullen, J. -Saloon steward
McMurray, W. -Bedroom steward
McNamee, Eileen -Passenger
McNamee, Neal -Passenger
McQuillan, William -Fireman
McRae, William -Fireman
McReynolds, W. -Junior sixth assistant engineer
Meanwell, Marian O. -Passenger
Mechan, John -Passenger
Meek, Annie L. -Passenger
Meeklave, Ellie* -Passenger
Melkebuk, Philemon -Passenger
Mellers, Mr William* -Passenger
Mellinger, Mrs Elizabeth* and Child* -Passengers
Mellor, A. -Saloon steward
Meme, Hanna* -Passenger
Meo, Alfonso -Passenger
Messemacker, Emma* -Passenger
Messemacker, Guillaume* -Passenger
Meyer, Mr August -Passenger
Meyer, Mr Edgar J. -Passenger
Meyer, Mrs Edgar J.* -Passenger
Middleton, Alfred -Assistant electrician
Middleton, M. V. -Saloon steward
Midtsjo, Carl* -Passenger
Mikanen, John* -Passenger
Miles, Frank -Passenger
Milford, George -Fireman
Millar, R. -Fifth assistant engineer
Millar, T. -Assistant deck engineer
Millet, Mr Frank D. -Passenger
Milling, Mr Jacob C. -Passenger
Mills, C.* -Assistant butcher
Minahan, Miss Ida Daisy* -Passenger
Minahan, Mrs Lillian* -Passenger
Minahan, Dr William E. -Passenger
Minkoff, Lazar -Passenger
Mintram, W. -Fireman
Mirko, Dika -Passenger

Mishellany, A. -Printer
Misseff, Ivan -Passenger
Mitchell, B. -Trimmer
Mitchell, Mr Henry -Passenger
Mitkoff, Mito -Passenger
Moch, Mr P.E.* -Passenger
Moch, Mr Phillip E. -Passenger
Moen, Sigurd H. -Passenger
Molson, Mr H. Markland -Passenger
Monbarek, Hanna -Passenger
Moncarek, Gonios* (child) -Passenger
Moncarek, Halim* (child) -Passenger
Moncarek, Omine -Passenger
Monoros, J. -Assistant waiter
Monteverdi, J. -Assistant entree
Moody, James Pell -Sixth officer
Moor, Beile -Passenger
Moor, Meier -Passenger
Moore, A. -Saloon steward
Moore, Mr Clarence and Manservant -Passengers
Moore, George* -Able bodied seaman
Moore, J.* -Fireman
Moore, Leonard C. -Passenger
Moore, R. -Trimmer
Moores, R. -Greaser
Moran, Bertha* -Passenger
Moran, James -Passenger
Morawick, Dr Ernest -Passenger
Morgan, A. -Trimmer
Morgan, Daniel J. -Passenger
Morgan, T. -Fireman
Morgan, W. -Assistant storekeeper
Morley, William -Passenger
Morrell, R. -Trimmer
Morris, A. -Greaser
Morris, F.* -Bath steward
Morris, W. -Trimmer
Morrow, Thomas -Passenger
Moss, Albert* -Passenger
Moss, William -Saloon steward
Moussa, Mantoura -Passenger
Moutal, Rahamin -Passenger
Mudd, Mr Thomas C. -Passenger
Mulder, Theo* -Passenger
Mullen, T. -Steward
Mullens, Katie* -Passenger
Muller, L. -Interpeter
Mulvihill, Bertha* -Passenger
Murdlin, Joseph -Passenger
Murdoch, W.* -Fireman
Murdoch, William McMaster -First officer
Murphy, Kate* -Passenger
Murphy, Mary* -Passenger
Murphy, Norah* -Passenger

Myhrman, Oliver -Passenger
Myles, Mr Thomas F. -Passenger



Naidenoff, Penko -Passenger
Naked, Maria* -Passenger
Naked, Said* -Passenger
Naked, Waika* -Passenger
Nancarrow, W. H. -Passenger
Nankoff, Minko -Passenger
Nannini, F. -Head waiter
Nasr, Mustafa -Passenger
Nasser, Mrs -Passenger
Nasser, Mr Nicolas -Passenger
Natsch, Mr Charles -Passenger
Naughton, Hannah -Passenger
Neale, H.* -Assistant baker
Nedeco, Petroff -Passenger
Nemagh, Robert -Passenger
Nenkoff, Christo -Passenger
Nesson, Mr Israel -Passenger

Nettleton, G. -Fireman
Newell, Mr A. W. -Passenger
Newell, Miss Alice* -Passenger
Newell, Miss Madeline* -Passenger
Newman, C. -Storekeeper
Newsom, Miss Helen* -Passenger
Nichan, Krikorian* -Passenger
Nicholls, Mr Joseph C. -Passenger
Nicholls, T. -Saloon steward
Nichols, A. -Steward
Nichols, Alfred -Boatswain
Nichols, W. K.* -Assistant steward
Nicholson, Mr A. S. -Passenger
Nicola, Elias* (child) -Passenger
Nicola, Jamila* -Passenger
Nieminen, Manta -Passenger
Niklasen, Sander -Passenger
Nilson, Berta* -Passenger

Nilsson, August F. -Passenger
Nilsson, Helmina* -Passenger
Nirva, Isak -Passenger
Noon, John -Fireman
Norman, Mr Robert D. -Passenger
Norris, J. -Fireman
Noss, B. -Fireman
Noss, H.* -Fireman
Nosworthy, Richard C. -Passenger
Novel, Mansouer* -Passenger
Nutbean, William* -Fireman
Nye, Mrs Elizabeth* -Passenger
Nyoven, Johan* -Passenger

Nyston, Anna* -Passenger



O'Brien, Denis -Passenger
O'Brien, Hannah* -Passenger
O'Brien, Thomas -Passenger
O'Connell, Pat D. -Passenger
O'Connor, John* -Trimmer
O'Connor, Maurice -Passenger
O'Connor, Pat -Passenger
O'Connor, T. -Bedroom steward
O'Donaghue, Bert -Passenger
O'Dwyer, Nellie* -Passenger
O'Keefe, Pat* -Passenger
O'Loughlin, William F. H. -Surgeon
O'Neill, Bridget -Passenger
O'Sullivan, Bridget -Passenger
OLeary, Norah* -Passenger
Odahl, Martin* -Passenger
Olive, C. -Greaser

Olive, E. R. -Clothes presser
Oliver, H.* -Fireman
Olliver, Alfred* -Quartermaster
Olsen, Arthur* -Passenger

Olsen, Carl -Passenger
Olsen, Henry -Passenger
Olsen, Ole M. -Passenger
Olson, Elon -Passenger
Olsson, Elida -Passenger
Olsson, John -Passenger
Omont, Mr F.* -Passenger
Oreskovic, Jeko -Passenger
Oreskovic, Luka -Passenger
Oreskovic, Maria -Passenger
Orman, Velin* -Passenger
Orpet, W. -Saloon steward
Orr, J. -Assistant vegetable cook

Orsen, Sirayanian -Passenger
Ortin, Zakarian -Passenger
Osborne, W. -Saloon steward
Osman, Frank* -Able bodied seaman
Osman, Mara* -Passenger
Ostby, Mr E. C -Passenger
Ostby, Miss Helen R.* -Passenger
Othen, C.* -Fireman
Otter, Mr Richard -Passenger
Ovies, Mr S. -Passenger
Owens, L. -Assistant steward
Oxenham, Mr P. Thomas* -Passenger



Pacey, R. -Lift attendant
Pacherat, J. -Assistant larder
Pacruic, Mate -Passenger
Pacruic, Tome -Passenger
Padro, Mr Julian* -Passenger
Paice, R. -Fireman
Pain, Dr Alfred -Passenger
Painter, Charles -Fireman
Painter, F. -Fireman
Painton, J. A. -Captain's steward
Pallas, Mr Emilio* -Passenger
Palles, T. -Greaser
Pand, G. -Fireman
Panula, Eino -Passenger
Panula, Ernesti -Passenger
Panula, Juho -Passenger
Panula, Maria -Passenger
Panula, Sanni -Passenger
Panula, Urhu (child) -Passenger
Panula, William (infant) -Passenger
Parker, Mr Clifford R. -Passenger
Parks, Sam -Seaman
Parr, Mr M. H. W. -Passenger
Parrish, Mrs L Davis* -Passenger
Parsons, E. -Chief storekeeper
Parsons, F. A. -Senior first assistant engineer
Parsons, R. -Saloon steward
Partner, Mr Austin -Passenger
Pascoe, C. H.* -Able bodied seaman
Pasic, Jakob -Passenger
Paulsson, Alma C -Passenger
Paulsson, Gosta (child) -Passenger
Paulsson, Paul (child) -Passenger
Paulsson, Stina(child) -Passenger
Paulsson, Torborg (child) -Passenger
Pavlovic, Stefo -Passenger
Payne, Mr V. -Passenger
Peacock, Alfred -Passenger
Peacock, Treasteall (child) -Passenger
Peacodc., Treasteall -Passenger
Pearce, A. -Steward
Pearce, Ernest -Passenger

Pearce, J.* -Fireman
Pearcey, Albert Victor* -Third class pantryman
Pears, Mr Thomas -Passenger
Pears, Mrs Thomas* -Passenger
Pedrini, Alex -Assistant waiter
Peduzzi, Joseph -Passenger
Pekonemi, E.* -Passenger
Pelham, G.* -Trimmer
Pelsmaker, Alfons de -Passenger
Peltomaki, Nikolai -Passenger
Penasco, Mr Victor -Passenger
Penasco, Mrs Victor* and Maid -Passengers
Pengelly, Mr Frederick -Passenger
Pennell, F. -Bath steward
Penny, W. -Assistant steward
Penrose, J. -Bedroom steward
Pentcho, Petroff -Passenger
Perkin, John Henry -Passenger
Perkins, L. -Telephone operator
Perkis, Walter J.* -Quartermaster
Pernot, Mr Rene -Passenger
Perotti, Alfonsi -Assistant waiter
Perrin, W. -Boots
Perriton, H. -Saloon steward
Perry, E.* -Trimmer
Perry, H. -Trimmer
Person, Ernest -Passenger
Peruschitz, Rev. Jos. M. -Passenger
Peter, Anna -Passenger
Peter, Catherine Joseph* -Passenger
Peter, Mike -Passenger
Peters, Katie -Passenger
Peters, W. C.* -Able bodied seaman
Peterson, Ellen -Passenger
Peterson, Johan -Passenger
Peterson, Marius -Passenger
Petrachio, A. -Assistant waiter
Petrachio, S. -Assistant waiter
Petranec, Matilda -Passenger
Petterson, Olaf -Passenger
Petty, Edwin Henry -Bedroom steward
Peuchen, Major Major Arthur* -Passenger

Phillimore, Harold* -Saloon steward
Phillips, Miss Alice* -Passenger
Phillips, G. -Greaser
Phillips, J. -Storesman
Phillips, John George -First Marconi operator
Phillips, Mr Robert -Passenger
Piatti, L. -Assistant waiter
Piazza, P. -Waiter
Pigott, P.* -Able bodied seaman
Pinsky, Miss Rosa* -Passenger
Pitfield, W. -Greaser
Pitman, Herbert John* -Third officer
Platt, W. -Scullion
Plotcharsky, Vasil -Passenger
Podesta, J.* -Fireman
Poggi, E. -Waiter
Poigndestre, John* -Able bodied seaman
Ponesell, Mr Martin -Passenger
Pook, R. -Assistant bedroom steward
Port, F.* -Steward
Portaluppi, Mr Emilio* -Passenger
Porter, Mr Walter Chamberlain -Passenger
Potchett, George -Passenger
Potter, Mrs Thomas, Jr.* -Passenger
Pregnall, George* -Greaser
Prentice, Frank M.* -Assistant storekeeper
Preston, Thomas -Trimmer
Price, E. -Barman
Prideaux, J. A. -Steward
Priest, John* -Fireman
Prior, H. J.* -Steward
Pritchard, Mrs.* -Stewardess

Proctor, Chester -Chef
Proudfoot, R. -Trimmer
Pryce, W. -Saloon steward
Pugh, Alfred* -Steward
Pugh, P. -Leading fireman
Pulbaun, Mr Frank -Passenger
Pusey, J. -Saloon steward
Pusey, Robert* -Fireman



Quick, Mrs Jane* -Passenger
Quick, Miss Phyllis* -Passenger
Quick, Miss Vera W.* -Passenger
Radeff, Alexander -Passenger
Rafoul, Baccos -Passenger
Raibid, Razi -Passenger
Randall, F. -Saloon steward
Ranger, Thomas* -Greaser
Ranson, Jas -Saloon steward
Rath, Sarah* -Passenger
Ratti, E. -Waiter
Ray, Frederick Dent* -Saloon steward
Read, J. -Trimmer
Reed, C. -Bedroom steward
Reed, James George -Passenger
Reed, R. -Trimmer
Reeves, Mr David -Passenger
Reeves, F. -Fireman
Renouf, Miss Lillie* -Passenger
Renouf, Mr Peter H. -Passenger
Reuchlin, Mr Jonkheer, J. G. -Passenger
Revell, W. -Saloon steward
Reynolds, Miss E.* -Passenger
Reynolds, Harold -Passenger
Rheims, Mr George* -Passenger
Ricardona, R. -Assistant waiter
Rice, Albert (child) -Passenger
Rice, Arthur (child) -Passenger
Rice, C.* -Fireman
Rice, Eric (child) -Passenger
Rice, Eugene (child) -Passenger
Rice, George (child) -Passenger
Rice, J. R. -Clerk

Rice, Margaret -Passenger
Rice, P. -Steward
Richard, Mr Emile -Passenger
Richards, Mrs Emily* -Passenger
Richards, H. -Fireman
Richards, Master
George* -Passenger
Richards, Master William* -Passenger
Rickman, G. -Fireman
Ricks, Cyril S. -Assistant storekeeper
Ridout, W. -Saloon steward
Ridsdale, Miss Lucy* -Passenger
Rigozzi, A. -Waiter
Rintamaki, Matti -Passenger
Riordan, Hannah* -Passenger
Risien, Emma -Passenger
Risien, Samuel -Passenger
Robert, Mrs Edward S.* and Maid* -Passengers
Roberts, F. -Third butcher
Roberts, G. -Fireman
Roberts, H. -Bedroom steward
Roberts, Mrs.* -Stewardess
Robertson, G. -Assistant steward
Robins, Alexander -Passenger
Robins, Charity -Passenger
Robinson, J. -Saloon steward
Robinson, Mrs. Annie* -Stewardess
Roebling, Mr Washington A. -Passenger
Rogers, E. J. -Assistant storekeeper
Rogers, Mr Harry -Passenger
Rogers, M. -Saloon steward
Rogers, Miss Selina* -Passenger
Rogers, William John -Passenger
Rolmane, Mr C.* -Passenger

Rood, Mr Hugh R. -Passenger
Rosblom, Helene -Passenger
Rosblom, Salfi (child) -Passenger
Rosblom, Viktor -Passenger
Rosenbaum, Miss -Passenger
Ross, Mr J. Hugo -Passenger
Ross, R. -Scullion
Rothes, the Countess of* and Maid* -Passengers
Rothschild, Mr M. -Passenger
Rothschild, Mrs M.* -Passenger
Rotto, Angelo -Waiter
Rous, A. -Plumber
Rouse, Richard H. -Passenger
Rousseau, P. -Chef
Rowe, Mr Alfred -Passenger
Rowe, George Thomas* -Quartermaster
Rowe, M. -Saloon steward
Rudd, Henry -Storekeeper
Rugg, Miss Emily* -Passenger
Rule, Samuel J.* -Bath steward
Rummer, G. -Saloon steward
Rummstvedt, Kristian -Passenger
Rush, Alfred George J. -Passenger
Russell, R. -Saloon steward
Ryan, E. -Passenger
Ryan, Patrick -Passenger
Ryan, T. -Steward
Ryerson, Mr Arthur -Passenger
Ryerson, Mrs Arthur* and Maid* -Passengers
Ryerson, Miss Emily* -Passenger
Ryerson, Master Jack* -Passenger
Ryerson, Miss Susan* -Passenger
Ryerson, W. E.* -Saloon steward



Saad, Amin -Passenger
Saad, Khalil* -Passenger
Saalfeld, Mr Adolphe* -Passenger
Sacaggi, G. -Assistant waiter
Sadlier, Matt -Passenger
Sadowitz, Harry -Passenger
Sage, Ada (child) -Passenger
Sage, Annie -Passenger
Sage, Constance (child) -Passenger
Sage, Dorothy -Passenger
Sage, Douglas -Passenger
Sage, Frederick -Passenger
Sage, George -Passenger
Sage, John -Passenger
Sage, Stella -Passenger
Sage, Thomas (child) -Passenger
Sage, William (child) -Passenger
Salander, Carl -Passenger
Saljilsvik, Anna* -Passenger
Salonen, Werner -Passenger
Salussolia, Giovenz -Glass man
Samaan, Elias -Passenger
Samaan, Hanna -Passenger
Samaan, Youssef -Passenger
Samuels, W. -Saloon steward
Sandman, Johan* -Passenger
Sandstrom, Agnes* -Passenger
Sandstrom, Beatrice* (child) -Passenger
Sandstrom, Margretha* (child) -Passenger

Sangster, C. -Fireman
Sarkis, Lahowd -Passenger
Sarkis, Mardirosian -Passenger
Sather, Sinon -Passenger
Saundercock, W. H. -Passenger
Saunders, D. E. -Saloon steward
Saunders, T. -Fireman
Saunders, W. -Fireman
Saunders, W. -Trimmer
Savage, C. J.* -Steward
Sawyer, Frederick -Passenger
Sawyer, R. J. -Window cleaner
Scanlan, James -Passenger
Scarrott, Joseph* -Able bodied seaman
Scavino, C. -Carver
Schabert, Mrs Paul* -Passenger

Scott, ? -Assistant boots
Scott, Archibald -Fireman
Scott, Fred* -Greaser
Scovell, R. -Saloon steward
Scrota, Maurice -Passenger
Sdycoff, Todor -Passenger
Sedgwick, Mr C. F. W. -Passenger
Sedunary, Sidney -Steward
Self, A. -Greaser
Self, E.* -Fireman
Seman, Betros (child) -Passenger
Senior, Harry* -Fireman
Sesea, Gino -Waiter
Sevier, W. -Steward
Seward, Mr Frederick K.* -Passenger
Seward, H.* -Pantryman

Shabini, Georges -Passenger
Sharp, Mr Percival -Passenger
Shaughnesay, Pat -Passenger
Shaw, H. -Scullion
Shea, J. -Saloon steward
Shea, Thos -Fireman
Sheath, F.* -Trimmer
Shedid, Daher -Passenger
Sheerlinck, Jean* -Passenger
Shellard, Frederick -Passenger
Shelley, Mrs Imanita* -Passenger

Shepherd, Jonathan -Junior second assistant engineer
Shiers, Alfred* -Fireman
Shilaber, C. -Trimmer
Shine, Ellen* -Passenger
Shorney, Charles -Passenger
Shutes, Miss E. W.* -Passenger
Siebert, Sidney C. -Bedroom steward
Sihvola, Antti -Passenger
Silven, Miss Lyyli* -Passenger
Silverthorne, Mr S. V.* -Passenger
Silvey, Mr William B. -Passenger
Silvey, Mrs William B.* -Passenger
Simmonds, A.* -Scullion
Simmons, F. G. -Saloon steward
Simmons, John -Passenger
Simmons, W. -Pass cook
Simonius, Mr Oberst Altons* -Passenger
Simpson, J. Edward -Assistant surgeon
Sincook, Miss Maude* -Passenger
Sinkkenen, Miss Anna* -Passenger
Sivic, Husen -Passenger
Sjoblom, Anna* -Passenger
Sjostedt, Mr Ernest A. -Passenger
Skeats, W. -Trimmer
Skinner, E. -Saloon steward
Skoog, Anna -Passenger
Skoog, Carl (child) -Passenger
Skoog, Harald (child) -Passenger
Skoog, Mabel (child) -Passenger
Skoog, Margret (child) -Passenger
Skoog, William -Passenger
Slabenoff, Petco -Passenger
Slayter, Miss H. M.* -Passenger
Sleiman, Attalla -Passenger
Slemen, Mr Richard J. -Passenger
Slight, H. J. -Steward
Slight, W. -Larder cook
Sloan, Miss Mary* -Stewardess
Sloan, P. -Chief electrician
Slocombe, Mrs. Maud* -Turkish Bath attendant
Slocovski, Selman -Passenger
Sloper, Mr William T.* -Passenger
Small, William -Leading fireman
Smart, Mr John M. -Passenger
Smiljanic, Mile -Passenger
Smillie, J. -Saloon steward
Smith, Mr Augustus -Passenger
Smith, C. -Bedroom steward
Smith, C. -Scullion
Smith, E. -Trimmer
Smith, Edward John -Captain
Smith, F. -Assistant pantryman
Smith, J. -Assistant baker
Smith, Mr J. Clinch -Passenger
Smith, James M. -Junior fourth engineer
Smith, John Richard Jago -Postal clerk
Smith, Mr L P. -Passenger
Smith, Mrs L P.* -Passenger
Smith, Miss Marion* -Passenger
Smith, Miss* -Stewardess
Smith, R. G. -Saloon steward
Smith, Mr R. W. -Passenger
Smith, W. -Able bodied seaman
Smither, H. -Fireman
Smyth, Julian* -Passenger
Snape, Mrs. -Stewardess
Snellgrove, G. -Fireman
Snooks, W. -Trimmer
Snow, E.* -Trimmer
Snyder, Mr John* -Passenger
Snyder, Mrs John* -Passenger
Sobey, Mr Hayden -Passenger

Sohole, Peter -Passenger
Soloman, Mr A. L.* -Passenger
Solvang, Lena Jacobsen -Passenger
Somerton, Francis W. -Passenger
Sop, Jules* -Passenger
Sparkman, H.* -Fireman

Spector, Woolf -Passenger
Spedden, Mr Frederick O.* -Passenger
Spedden, Mrs Frederick O.* and Maid* -Passengers
Spedden, Master R. Douglas* and Nurse* -Passengers
Spencer, Mr W. A. -Passenger
Spencer, Mrs W. A.* and Maid -Passengers
Spinner, Henry -Passenger
Stafford, M. -Greaser
Stagg, J. H. -Saloon steward
Stahelin, Dr Max* -Passenger
Stanbrook, Augustus -Fireman
Staneff, Ivan -Passenger
Stankovic, Jovan -Passenger
Stanley, Amy* -Passenger
Stanley, E. R. Mr. -Passenger
Stanton, Mr S. Ward -Passenger
Stap, Miss* -Stewardess
Stead, Mr William T. -Passenger
Stebbing, S. -Chief boots
Steel, R. -Trimmer
Steffanon, H. B.* -Passenger
Steffanson, B. B.* -Passenger
Stehli, Mr Max Frolicher* -Passenger
Stehli, Mrs Max Frolicher* -Passenger
Stengel, Mr C. E. H.* -Passenger

Stengel, Mrs C. E. H.* -Passenger
Stewart, Mr A. A. -Passenger
Stewart, John (Jack)* -Veranda Cafe
Stocker, H. -Trimmer
Stokes, Mr Phillip J. -Passenger
Stone, E. -Bedroom steward
Stone, Mrs George M.* and Maid* -Passengers
Storey, T. Mr. -Passenger
Stoyehoff, Ilia -Passenger
Stoytcho, Mihoff -Passenger
Strandberg, Ida -Passenger
Stranden, Jules* -Passenger
Straus, Mrs Isidor and Maid* -Passengers
Straus, Mr Isidor and Manservant -Passengers
Street, A.* -Fireman
Strilic, Ivan -Passenger
Strom, Selma (child) -Passenger
Stroud, E. A. -Saloon steward
Stroud, H. -Saloon steward
Strugnell, J. -Saloon steward
Stubbings, H. -Cook and mess
Stubbs, H. -Fireman
Sullivan, S. -Fireman
Sunderland, Victor* -Passenger
Sutehall, Henry -Passenger
Sutton, Mr Frederick -Passenger
Svensen, Olaf -Passenger
Svensson, Coverin* -Passenger
Svensson, Johan -Passenger
Swan, W. -Bedroom steward
Swane, Mr George -Passenger
Sweet, Mr George -Passenger
Swift, Mrs Frederick Joel* -Passenger
Symonds, J. -Saloon steward
Symons, George* -Lookout
Syntakoff, Stanko -Passenger



Talbot, George Fredrick Charles -Steward
Tamlyn, Fredrick -Mess-room steward
Tannous, Daler -Passenger
Tannous, Thomas -Passenger
Taussig, Mr Emil -Passenger
Taussig, Mrs Emil* -Passenger
Taussig, Miss Ruth* -Passenger
Taylor, C. -Able bodied seaman
Taylor, C. -Steward
Taylor, Mr E. Z .* -Passenger
Taylor, Mrs E. Z.* -Passenger
Taylor, J. -Fireman
Taylor, James* -Fireman
Taylor, L. -Turkish Bath attendant
Taylor, Percy, C. -Cellist
Taylor, T. -Fireman
Taylor, W. -Saloon steward
Taylor, William Henry* -Fireman
Terrell, Bertram -Able bodied seaman
Terrell, F.* -Assistant steward
Testoni, Ercole -Assistant glass man
Thayer, Mr J. B. -Passenger
Thayer, Mr J. B. Jr.* -Passenger
Thayer, Mrs J. B.* and Maid* -Passengers
Thayler, M. -Steward
Theobald, Thomas -Passenger
Thessinger, A.* -Bedroom steward

Thomas, A. C.* -Saloon steward
Thomas, Alex -Passenger
Thomas, Assad* (infant) -Passenger
Thomas, B.* -Saloon steward
Thomas, CharlesP -Passenger
Thomas, J. -Fireman
Thomas, John -Passenger
Thomas, Tamin* -Passenger
Thompson, H. -Second storekeeper
Thompson, John* -Fireman
Thorley, W. -Assistant cook
Thorne, Mr G. -Passenger
Thorne, Mrs G.* -Passenger
Thorneycroft, Percival -Passenger
Thorneycrolt, Florence* -Passenger
Threlfall, Thomas* -Leading fireman
Thresher, G.* -Fireman

Tietz, C. -Kitchen porter
Tikkanen, Juho -Passenger
Tizard, A. -Fireman
Tobin, Roger -Passenger
Todoroff, Lalio -Passenger
Tomlin, Ernest P. -Passenger
Toms, F.* -Saloon steward
Tonfik, Nahli -Passenger
Tonglin, Gunner* -Passenger
Toomey, Miss Ellen* -Passenger

Topp, T. -Second butcher
Torber, Ernest -Passenger
Torfa, Assad -Passenger
Toung, F. -Fireman
Tozer, J. -Greaser
Trant, Miss Jessie* -Passenger
Trembisky, Berk* -Passenger
Triggs, R.* -Fireman
Tronpiansky, Mr Moses A. -Passenger
Troutt, Miss E. Celia* -Passenger
Tucker, B. -Second pantryman
Tucker, Mr G. M. Jr.* -Passenger
Tunquist, W.* -Passenger
Tupin, M. Dorothy -Passenger
Turcin, Stefan -Passenger
Turgo, Anna* -Passenger
Turley, R. -Fireman
Turner, G. F. -Stenographer
Turner, L. -Saloon steward
Turpin, Mr William J. -Passenger
Turvey, C. -Page boy
Twekula, Hedwig* -Passenger



Urbini, R. -Waiter
Uruchurtu, Mr M. R. -Passenger
Useher, Baulner -Passenger
Uzelas, Jovo -Passenger
Vagil, Adele Jane* -Passenger
Valassori, Ettera -Waiter
Van Impe, Catharine (child) -Passenger
Van Impe, Jacob -Passenger
Van Impe, Rosalie -Passenger
Van de Velde, Joseph -Passenger
Van de Walle, Nestor -Passenger
Van der Hoef, Mr Wyckoff -Passenger

Van der Planke, Augusta Vander -Passenger
Van der Planke, Emilie Vander -Passenger
Van der Planke, Jules Vander -Passenger
Van der Planke, Leon Vander -Passenger
Van der Steen, Leo -Passenger
Vartunian, David* -Passenger
Vassilios, Catavelas -Passenger
Veal, A. -Greaser

Veal, T. -Saloon steward
Veale, Mr James -Passenger
Vear, H. -Fireman
Vear, W. -Fireman
Vereruysse, Victor -Passenger
Vestrom, Huld A. A. -Passenger
Vicat, J. -Fish cook
Vilvarlarge, P. -Assistant soup
Vine, H. -Assistant controller
Vioni, R. -Waiter
Voegelin, H. -Coffeeman
Vook, Janko -Passenger



Waelens, Achille -Passenger
Wake, S. -Assistant baker
Walcroft, Miss Nellie* -Passenger
Walker, Mr W. Anderson -Passenger
Wallis, Mrs. -Matron
Walpole, John -Chief pantryman
Walsh, Miss -Stewardess
Ward, Arthur -Junior fourth assistant engineer
Ward, E. -Bedroom steward
Ward, J. -Leading fireman
Ward, P. -Bedroom steward
Ward, William* -Saloon steward
Wardner, F. -Fireman
Ware, Mrs Florence L.* -Passenger
Ware, Frederick -Passenger
Ware, Mr John James -Passenger
Ware, Mr William J. -Passenger
Wareham, R. -Bedroom steward
Warren, Charles W. -Passenger
Warren, Mr F. M. -Passenger
Warren, Mrs F. M.* -Passenger
Warwick, F. -Saloon steward
Wateridge, E. -Fireman
Watson, W. -Fireman
Watson, W. -Bell boy
Watt, Miss Bertha* -Passenger
Watt, Mrs Bessie* -Passenger
Wazli, Yousif -Passenger
Weatherstone, T. -Saloon steward
Webb, Brooke -Smoke-room steward
Webb, S. -Trimmer
Webber, F. -Leading fireman
Webber, James -Passenger
Webber, Miss Susie* -Passenger
Weikman, August H.* -Barber
Weir, Mr J. -Passenger
Weisz, Mr Leopold -Passenger
Weisz, Mrs Matilda* -Passenger
Welch, W. H. -Assistant cook
Weller, Abi -Passenger

Weller, William* -Able bodied seaman
Wells, Mrs Addie* -Passenger
Wells, Miss J.* -Passenger

Wells, Master Ralph* -Passenger
Wende, Olof Edvin -Passenger
Wennerstrom, August* -Passenger
Wenzel, Zinhart -Passenger
West, Mrs Ada* -Passenger
West, Miss Barbara* -Passenger
West, Miss Constance* -Passenger
West, Mr E. Arthur -Passenger
Wheadon, Mr Edward -Passenger
Wheat, Joseph Thomas* -Assistant second steward
Wheeler, Mr Edwin -Passenger
Wheelton, E.* -Saloon steward
White, A. -Assistant barber
White, Alfred -Electrician
White, Alfred* -Greaser
White, F. -Trimmer
White, J. G. H. -Steward
White, Mrs J. Stuart* and Maid* and Manservant -Passengers
White, L. -Saloon steward
White, Mr Percival W. -Passenger
White, Ralph* -Able bodied seaman
White, Mr Richard F. -Passenger
White, William George* -Trimmer
Whitely, Thomas* -Saloon steward
Whitford, A. -Saloon steward
Wick, Mr George D. -Passenger
Wick, Mrs George D.* -Passenger
Wick, Miss Mary* -Passenger

Widegrin, Charles -Passenger
Widener, Mr George D. and Manservant -Passengers
Widener, Mrs George D.* and Maid* -Passengers
Widener, Mr Harry -Passenger
Widgery, James* -Baths
Wiklund, Jacob A. -Passenger
Wiklund, Karl F. -Passenger
Wilde, Henry Tingle -Chief officer
Wilkes, Ellen* -Passenger
Willard, Miss Constance* -Passenger

Willey, Edward -Passenger
Williams, A. -Assistant storekeeper
Williams, Mr Duane -Passenger
Williams, E. -Fireman
Williams, Harry -Passenger
Williams, Leslie -Passenger
Williams, Mr R. N. Jr.* -Passenger
Williams, W.* -Assistant steward
Williamson, James Bertram -Postal clerk
Willis, W. -Steward
Wilson, Bertie -Senior second assistant engineer
Wilton, William -Trimmer
Wiltshire, W. -Assistant butcher
Windebank, J.* -Sauce cook
Windelov, Einar -Passenger
Wirz, Albert -Passenger
Wiseman, Philip -Passenger
Witcher, A. -Fireman
Witt, F. -Trimmer
Witt, H. -Fireman
Wittenrongel, Camille -Passenger
Witter, James* -Second class smoke-room steward
Wittman, H. -Bedroom steward
Wood, J. T. -Assistant steward
Woodford, H. -Greaser
Woods, H. -Trimmer
Woodward, J. W. -Cellist
Woody, Oscar S. -Postal clerk
Woolner, Mr Hugh* -Passenger
Wormald, T. -Saloon steward
Wrapson, H. -Assistant pantryman
Wright, Fredrick -Racquet court attendant
Wright, Mr George -Passenger
Wright, W. G. H.* -Steward
Wright, Miss Marion -Passenger
Wyeth, J. -Fireman
Wynn, Walter* -Quartermaster



Yalsevae, Ivan* -Passenger
Yazbeck, Antoni -Passenger
Yazbeck, Salini* -Passenger
Yearsley, H.* -Saloon steward
Yoshack, J. -Saloon steward
Young, Francis -Fireman
Young, Miss Marie* -Passenger

Youssef, Brahim* -Passenger
Youssef, Georges (child) -Passenger
Youssef, Hanne -Passenger
Youssef, Maria* (child) -Passenger
Zabour, Hileni -Passenger
Zabour, Tamini -Passenger

Zakarian, Maprieder -Passenger
Zarracchi, L. -Wine butler
Zievens, Renee -Passenger
Zimmermann, Leo -Passenger

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